Waffles are for Breakfast

15 Mar


I’m an extremely decisive person, sometimes to a fault. I make up my mind about something and I’m going to do it, dammit. I don’t like waffling around. It sucks precious time and energy that could be used for any number of things. Sleeping. Socializing. Organizing your spice rack.

Decision-making is a skill. One of my mentors and friends taught me that and it made me realize that a lot of people need to polish those skills. Or acquire them in the first place.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own mind. To get so wrapped up in all of the pros and cons of any decision that you become paralyzed. I see this constantly in myself and my friends regarding major decisions—like making a career change—and every day decisions— like what outfit to wear for a certain event.

It’s a “grass is greener on the other side” complex. #FOMO.

I’ve been going through a phase where I need constant validation from friends and family regarding my decisions. “Is it terrible that I’m going to stay in tonight and just cuddle with the dog and eat Oreos instead of go out dancing?” I’ve needed other people to say “Nah, it’s fine. You’re not going to be missing anything important.”

But what if I am?! What if I miss the best night of dancing of my life? What if I say “no” to a job opportunity that could be my dream job? What if I make the wrong decision?

Yeah…what if? And so what?

Making effective decisions is an exercise in self-confidence, knowing yourself, and not apologizing for living life the way you choose. It’s hard to be clear about what you want and where you’re trying to go, and you don’t necessarily need to have your entire life planned out to be able to make effective decisions. But like I wrote in “Imma quote Nike here…” just do it.

Part of decision-making is being able to deal with the outcomes from your decisions. You know what? Yeah, you might have accepted a job that actually kind of sucks. The cool thing about decisions is that you don’t have a limited number of them that you’re allowed to make in your lifetime. You can always follow a decision that didn’t necessarily work for you with another decision that might. There are few things that are truly permanent (I mean, really guys, by the time you want to get your tattoos removed, I think technology will have caught up enough for it to be cheap and relatively painless).

So go out there and be decisive. Don’t hem and haw. Don’t stress yourself out and waste time that would be better served doing something that will give you energy and help you move toward a goal. Or at least will free up your time to write that “Thank You” card that you forgot to write after Christmas or, idk, exercise.


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